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Since 1972 Source 4 Industries has been leading the way in Pallet Rack material permitting, design and installation. We have worked closely with most major hotels, casinos, and warehouse facilities throughout Southern Nevada. Our mission has always been to treat our customers like family and our knowledgeable staff and design team make this a reality by taking into account every detail concering your project, answering any questions you might have.

To install pallet rack systems correctly, additional building permits may be required. In the state of Nevada installing an industrial pallet rack that is taller than 8 ft. requires a building permit, and any rack above 12 ft. requires a high pile fire permit. We are a licensed contractor with over 40 years of experience in the Las Vegas Valley, we will make the permitting process as fast as possible while ensuring that your pallet rack shelving is installed properly meeting all the necessary building codes. To request a quote today call 866-734-8848

Nevada State Constractor License No. 39091


Industrial pallet rack by Mecalux® is built to last and can store thousands of pounds on each set of beams.

Due to the modular nature of these units, individual pieces can be replaced if damaged providing a lower cost of ownership.


 If you are setting up storage for a store room or small warehouse, we'll be able to find a pallet rack design that will fit your needs.

With our add-on units, you can save money by doubling up on uprights.  We also sell individual components in case you want to build your own set of racks or replace broken pieces.

We also sell and install industial Cantilever Rack for storing poles boards and other long items. Don't forget rail guards, aisle spacers, and other accessories that will safeguard and organize your storage space. Stay organized and buy warehouse racking parts today.

Flow Rack systems also available.

Specialty Cantilever Rack

Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack











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