Pallet Rack Upright Protectors

Pallet rack holds all of your inventory and merchandise up high to save space and keep it safe from water damage. Pallet rack allows you to organize your work place just how you want it so that day to day operations flow smoothly. After all the time and money that goes into a proper warehouse pallet rack setup, it's definitely worth it to protect your pallet rack. Once you have your rows how you want them and your inventory organized correctly to optimize workflow, protect your pallet rack uprights with quality upright post protectors. The uprights and especially the baseplates hold all the weight of all the shelves between them. It is extremely important for the sake of your product and for the safety of your personnel that these uprights maintain their structural integrity. Forklifts and powered pallet jacks have the power to destroy pallet rack uprights and hand pallet jacks can wear away at these posts making them unstable and unsafe. Handle-IT is a leader in pallet rack protection, safety and workflow optimization. Identify the high traffic areas in your work spaces and make the decision to protect the most vulnerable parts of your pallet rack system by choosing from our variety of pallet rack upright protectors.

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  • Collision Sentry - CLN-A-165
    Collision Sentry - CLN-A-165
    Sentry Protection Products
    Sentry Pro® Collision Sentry Ensure that your forklift and pedestrian employees never cross paths with the collision warning system by Sentry Protection Products. This award winning product now includes a sound alert along with flashing red LED lights. Comes with magnetic mounts that attached ..
  • Column Sentry Fit - CS-FIT-S-Y
    Column Sentry Fit - CS-FIT-S-Y
    Sentry Protection Products
    Sentry Pro® Column Fit Pieces of column guard fit together to acomodate for a variety of different pole sizes, this model fits 4" up to 8 " size columns. ..
  • Rack Sentry Countour Upright Guard (6-Pack) - RSC-75
    Sentry Pro® Countour Rack Upright Guard Made out of high density polyethylene fits any brand of rack uprights w/ face 3" wide. Guard is 18" tall and comes equipped w/ two VELCRO® straps making installation solid and secure. The HDPE body can withstand hits and push in but after pressure is rem..
  • Shallow Profile Rack Upright Protector (4.5" Inside Width) - P12-SP
    Handle-IT® Shallow Profile Rack Upright Protector with 4.5" Inside Width Perfect pallet rack post protectors for in aisle protection as well as end of aisle protection. Shallow profile design allows you to protect your rack uprights without taking up as much space as heavy duty rack protectors. ..
  • Steel Bolt On Post Protectors - BP-12
    Handle-IT® Steel Bolt On Post Protectors Low-profile options to post protection. Steel deflector bolts on to pallet rack posts at any height. Floor can remain clear while still protecting the lower parts of warehouse rack posts. Bolted to existing bolt holes in posts no need for drilling in me..
  • Universal Rack Post Protector 12"H - P12-3R
    Handle-IT® Universal Rack Post Protector Specifically designed to protect the most valuable part of your pallet rack uptrights, the base. Designed to fit oversized seismic footplates while remaining low-profile and fitting closely around the rack post itself. Floor and aisle space is saved with b..
  • V-Nose Post Protector Heavy Duty - SP3-HD
    V-Nose Post Protector Heavy Duty Made to protect the base of pallet rack and boltless shelving uprights. Can be anchored with a single 1/2" anchor which adds extra strength and stability increasing the base of the upright. Anchor goes behind guard keeping it out of site and free from snag..
  • Warehouse Upright Rack Protector (4.5" Inside Width) - P12
    Handle-IT Warehouse Upright Rack Protector with Inside Width of 4.5 in. 5-Guage heavy duty rack protectors are made to fit around the base plate of pallet rack uprights protecting them from forklift and pallet rack damage. Affordable and effective at maintaining structural integrity of pa..
  • Warehouse Upright Rack Protector (8.5" Inside Width) - P12-8
    Handle-IT Warehouse Upright Rack Protector with Inside Width of 8.5 in. 5-Guage heavy duty rack protectors are made to fit around the base plate of pallet rack uprights protecting them from forklift and pallet rack damage. Affordable and effective at keeping pallet racking, shelving,..
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