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Choose from oil & fuel transfer pumps made by Lincoln Industrial® to fill your transfer pump needs. Available are 1:1 transfer pumps, fuel transfer pumps, lever action barrel pumps, oil bars, rotary barrel fuel pumps, and rotary barrel fuel pump with hose, as well as transfer diaphragm pumps.

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  • 1:1 Transfer Pump - 82230
    1:1 Transfer Pump - 82230
    Lincoln Industrial
    Lincoln 1:1 Transfer Pump - 82230 Transfer pump quickly transfers fluids directly from 55-gallon drums. 2" bung bushing adjusts to varied drum lengths. Designed to stall against lubricant pressure. Use built-in air control valve to adjust fluid output flow. Max Inlet Pressure - 150 p..
  • Fuel Transfer Pump - 1550
    Fuel Transfer Pump - 1550
    Lincoln Industrial
    Lincoln® Fuel Transfer Pump Lincoln has introduced its new model 1550 fuel transfer pump for agricultural, construction, mobile equipment and fleet applications. Developed to quickly transfer diesel, kerosene or mineral spirits from both mobile and stationary tanks, this pump is a versatile addit..
  • Lever Action Barrel Pump - G401
    Lincoln® Lever Action Barrel Pump Fits 16 to 55 gallon (60,6 to 208 liter) drums. Delivers 10 oz. (283 ml) per stroke. Includes standard bung bushing. Designed for transfer of petroleum-based, non-corrosive liquids. Curved metal spout features threads to fit all garden hoses. ..
  • Lever Action Drum Pump - 1340
    Lincoln® Lever Action Drum Pump Lincoln's Model 1340 Lever Action Barrel Pump is ideal for automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. The unit’s extended pump body improves top-of-barrel clearance while providing a 14.0 fluid ounce minimum flow per stroke. The 1340 feature..
  • Oil Bar - 84951
    Oil Bar - 84951
    Lincoln Industrial
    Lincoln Oil Bar Modular three spigot capable red steel oil bar for use with dispensing motor oil, ATD and other fluids. Unit includes a removable tray for disposal of spillage and knock-outs for mounting inline digital meters. ..
  • Rotary Barrel Fuel Pump W/ Hose - 1387
    Lincoln Rotary Barrel Fuel Pump W/ Hose - 1387 • Fluid types- Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, medium-viscosity petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils, ATF • Heavy-duty 8' x ¾" anti-static hose with non-sparking aluminum nozzle • Flame arrestor and ant..
  • Rotary Barrel Pump - G402
    Rotary Barrel Pump - G402
    Lincoln Industrial
    Lincoln Rotary Barrel Pump Cast iron pump head for transferring petroleum-based, non-corrosive fluids. Comes with standard bung bushing. Delivers approximately one gallon (3,8 liter) per 18 revolutions of handle. ..
  • Rotary Barrel Pump W/ Hose - 1385-H
    Lincoln® Rotary Barrel Pump W/ Hose Same as Model 1385 except includes heavy-duty 8' x ¾" anti-static hose with  non-sparking aluminum nozzle. • Fluid types – oils, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils, ATF • Internal check prevent..
  • Rotary Pump - 1385
    Rotary Pump - 1385
    Lincoln Industrial
    Lincoln® Rotary Pump Lincoln offers three new Professional Rotary Drum Pumps for reliable, no-mess fluid transfer in automotive, agricultural and construction applications. Models 1385 and 1385-H move oils, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils..
  • Transfer Diaphragm Pump - 1326
    Lincoln Transfer Diaphragm Pump Neoprene seals resist wear from abrasive fluids. Double-acting diaphragm delivers 1 gallon/8 strokes (3,8 liter/8 strokes). 8 ft. (2,4 m) hose with discharge nozzle. ..
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