Lincoln PowerMaster 4 Air Motor - 82730

Lincoln PowerMaster 4 Air Motor - 82730

Brand: Lincoln Industrial
Product Code: LIN82730

LincolnĀ® PowerMaster 4 Air Motor

Strong construction is dependable and requires minimal maintenance giving you years of trouble-free use.

The PowerMaster's simplified modular design makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning, upkeep and simple repairs.

  • Air valve is leak-proof, stall-proof and comes pre-lubricated
  • Made with large airways keeping vents free from blockages
  • All-steel body is designed to withstand pump pulsation extremes
When Pump Tube Combined w/ 82730 Air Motor
Pump Tube Tube Type Ratio Model Complete
84335 Stub 12:1 1914 (Oil)
82841 16 gal. 40:1 1907 (Grease)
82883 16 gal. 75:1 1908 (Grease)
82790 55 gal. 12:1 1901 (Oil)
82791 55 gal. 24:1 1902 (Grease)
82792 55 gal. 40:1 1903 (Grease)
83271 55 gal. 50:1  1910 (Grease)
82793 55 gal. 75:1 1904 (Grease)







Model No. 82730

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