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In battery and electric Powered Lifts, we are showcasing Makinex® Powered Hand Truck capable of lifting 309 lbs. and raising to a height of 6 ft. off the ground. It is versatile and easy to store making it perfect for warehouses and shops where products need to be uploaded into vehicles frequently. The Liftn Buddy® Keg Lifter is one of the easiest charging keg lifts offered on the market today and perfect for local craft breweries. Wesco®, and Valley Craft®, both offer quality powered lifts and powered pallet trucks.

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  • Makinex Powered Hand Truck - PHT2-140
    MAKINEX® POWERED HAND TRUCK The Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT2-140, previously known as the OneLIFT, is a universal material handling solution that enables one person operation to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 309 lbs. It provides a quick and easy alternative..
  • Keg Lifter - 200lb. Lifting Capacity - FKL200
    Lift'n Buddy® Powered Keg Lifter and Transporter Under keg clearance 35.25" raised. Lift mechanism: Timing belt drive (no hydraulics) Overall Weight: 70lbs. - Light enough for use on delivery vehicles. Keg Types: Quarter barrel, slim quarter barrel, half barrel, 50 liter rubber barr..
  • LNB-2 Powered Lift Hand Truck - FLNB210
    Lift'n Buddy® Powered Lift Hand Truck LNB-2 The LNB-2 is perfect for moving heavy boxes and beverage cases from supply trucks and pallet to stocking shelves and bin locations. Also useful for safely loading product into delivery trucks and customers' vehicles. Easily operated by one person all..
  • Electric Work Positioner Lift - ME-B15
    Giant Move® Electric Work Positioner Lift Highly maneuverable, lift ergonomically designed to take the strain out of lifting from the ground to over shoulder height. Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Perfect for many "lifting" applications. Strong motor operates on large 12Ah..
  • Wesco® Electric Value Lift Stackers 59
    Wesco® Electric Value Lift Stackers 59 Adjustable 4.25" wide forks. Complete with sealed maintenance free battery. UL approved charger. 5" swivel polyurethane casters with brakes. 3" rigid polyurethane wheels. Keyed on/off switch. Battery level indicator. Joystick raise/lower con..
  • Wesco® Heavy Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck - 273382
    Wesco® Heavy Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck - 273382 Ergonomic handle with: - throttle with infinite forward and reverse speeds - lift/lower controls - belly reverse safety button - horn - electromagnetic disk brake with automatic dead-man feature when handle is released. Key ope..
  • PAL 500 Powered Aluminum Lift - F89398
    Valley Craft® PAL 500 Powered Aluminum Lift The Powered Aluminum Lift from Valley Craft allows for safe and efficient lifting and transportation of heavy materials. The aluminum lift has a 500-lb load capacity. With an overall height of 81'', the powered aluminum lift is capable of fitting throug..
  • Valley Craft Barrel Hawk™ Harrier Positioner - F88576B4
    Valley Craft® Barrel Hawk Harrier Positioner Valley Craft's Barrel Hawk Harrier quickly and safely secures and transports gas and cryogenic cylinders with ease. The small footprint is ideal for negotiating narrow aisles and doorways. Ergonomically designed to reduce the chance of muscle injury to..
  • Valley Craft Barrel Hawk™ Raptor Positioner - F88575C5
    Valley Craft® Barrel Hawk Raptor Positioner The Barrel Hawk Raptor is ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of injury and allow a single operator to safely handle virtually any kind of drum up to 800 lbs. The unit employs drum claw-type grab to attach to rim of 30-, 55- and 85-gal. over-pack ..
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