AutoTwirler Body Cart Pro - AT-BC-PRO-ASSY

AutoTwirler Body Cart Pro - AT-BC-PRO-ASSY

Brand: Dutro
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AutoTwirler┬« Body Cart Pro

Our Body Cart PRO is our largest and most supportive, fully adjustable, universal heavy duty body car. It comes standard with four 8" polyurethane on cast iron casters, each rated at 1,250 lbs. It has 8 independently adjustable mounting posts all with a 2" x 4" pad with a single bolt hole. There is about 10" adjustment in 6 of the posts and about 19" in two of the posts. We did this to support the rear body mounts on Corvettes, which are higher than the others. Having so many mounts is very helpful when you need to remove one mount in order to repair work on the mounting point or frame rail, you still have 7 other mounts intact.

This cart is adjustable in height from 25" to 33" high. Optional straddle pad posts and leaf spring posts are available at additional costs. The center tubing which is 3" square, 3/16" thick, is not included with this cart because (a) the length varies on the car and (b) it's too expensive to ship if you make the center tubing 30" longer than your car body, you can use it as a subframe system and mount it onto our rotisserie with our optional swing arms that mount to the center tube ends.

*1 Year factory warranty.

Capacity 3,000 lbs.
Weight 375 lbs.
Wheel Type Four 8" polyurethane on cast iron casters, two of the casters have brakes.

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