AutoTwirler Pro Auto Rotisserie (Bare Steel) - AT-PRO-ASSY

AutoTwirler Pro Auto Rotisserie (Bare Steel) - AT-PRO-ASSY

Brand: Dutro
Product Code: DUTAT-PRO-ASSY
7 - 10 Days

AutoTwirler® Pro Auto Rotisserie

The AutoTwirler Pro is the most advanced automotive rotisserie around. It is so advanced and is so much better than anything else on the market, we decided to patent its design. New mounting arms, new pivot poit, new balancing kit, new wheels. Nothing else even comes close. The base is fully welded together for strength and long term durability.

The balancer is unique and an envy of our competitors. It is made with our 3/4" Acme rod but it is the only design that is bi-directional. If the car becomes top heavy, this is the only balancer that can drive the balance point back upside down and re-balance the car. We are using laser cut clamps on all of the transitions. Our other models use tubing over tubing. Our clamps tighten in 2 directions and use short bolts to prevent mis-alignment or sagging. They clamp down tight on all 4 sides of the 3" tubing.

The wheels are 5" heavy duty poly-on cast iron casters with an optional 8" upgrade.

*1 Year factory warranty.

Material 3,000 lbs. capacity height adjustable model made of 3" square, mostly 3/16" thick tubing.
Size 3 piece telescoping center bar allowing 19' of extension
Weight 520 lbs.
Wheel Type Six 5" poly-on cast wheels

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