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  • Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock Kit - WC-1500X-KIT
    Titan Lifts® Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock Kit Keeps bike upright and secure indefinitely in the garage or while towing on long road trips. Can be used for space saving storage or trailer mounting with mounting hardware included. Simple to load and unload motorcycles with dual action EZ-Load an..
  • Diamond Plated Side Extensions - SDML-1000D-SX-B
    Titan Lifts® Diamond Plated Side Extensions These diamond plated extensions are 12" wide by 87-1/2" long and are designed to fit onto the titan 1000D lift tables. Equipped with removable ramps and a stabilize bar, these extensions give the Titan 1000D series lift tables an extra large workin..
  • Extended Ramp for HDML Series - RP-1015-HDML-47
    Titan Lifts® HDML Series Extended Ramp Made for use with HDML series motorcycle/ATV lifts. This extended ramp allows lower profile bikes to roll on to the Titan HDML lifts. Put two extended ramps on your existing HDML series lift to allow easier loading of 3 or 4 wheels vehicles. 90 Day par..
  • SDML Series Extended Ramp - RP-SDML-1000D-79
    Titan Lifts® SDML Series Extended Ramp Made for use with SDML series motorcycle/ATV lifts. This extended ramp allows lower profile bikes to roll on to the Titan SDML lifts. 90 Day parts warranty. ..
  • Titan 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Mini Jack - MLJ-1000B
    Titan 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Mini Jack Lowest clearance is 3-1/2" with saddle adapters removed and maximum raised height is 19". Weight capacity is 1,000 lbs. Versatile jack makes raising and lowering either end of your ATV or motorcycle safe and easy. Change and work on wheels, tires and rims f..
  • Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock - WC-1500-BK
    Titan Lifts® Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock Accomodates 13" to 23" wheel diameters and 70 mm to 140 mm wheel widths with shortened cradle design for longer fenders the Bulldog fits a wide variety of bike sizes. Safety latch, heavy duty steel construction, and rocking cradle motion make this one ..
  • Titan Bulldog Quick Detach Base - WC-1500X-QDB-BK
    Titan Lifts® Bulldog Quick Detach Base Verstile motorcycle wheel chock can be used as the one storage and transport chock that you use. Works in tandem with the Bulldog Moto Cradle facilitating mounting and dismounting in less than 30 seconds. Get one for your mororcycle lift and one for your ..
  • Titan Bulldog Tie Down Extension - WC1500X-AX
    Titan® Bulldog Tie Down Extension  These tie down extensions can be added to the base of the Bulldog Moto Cradle for strapping down motorcycle to your truck or trailer. You must drill a hole in the base of the moto cradle for the quick release pins and then screw in the eye bolts. It..
  • Titan Bulldog Wide Wheel Stop Plate - WC-1500-WP-BK
    Titan® Bulldog Wide Wheel Stop Plate This wide wheel stop plate is made to be swapped with standard Bulldog wheel stop plate. Wider plate accomodates larger motorcycle tires and allows them to be seated properly in the Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock Fits tires 120mm - 160mm wide 90 Da..
  • Titan Deluxe Ratchet Straps (1 Pair) - DRS-15-BO
    Titan Lifts® Deluxe Ratchet Straps 1 Pair Ratchets straps made for securing motorcycles and dirt bikes to pickup truck and trailor beds. Heavy duty towing straps come with spring clips, plastic hardware, and soft ties to apply pressure to the bike without scratching it even on cross country ha..
  • Titan Heavy Duty Electric/Hydraulic Pump 1500 lb. - HDML-PUMP-E
    Titan Lifts® Heavy Duty Electric/Hydraulic Pump This lift comes included with the HDML-1500-XLT-E Ttian Motorcycle Lift. 110 Volt heavy duty electric / hydraulic lift allows for smooth raising and lowering with the push of a button. No need for compressed air lines to hydraulics. 1,..
  • Titan Heavy Duty Rubber Padded Front Wheel Vise - ML-VISE
    Titan Lifts® Heavy Duty Rubber Padded Front Wheel Vise Heavy duty motorcycle front wheel vise with thick screw-on rubber pads keep rims from getting damaged.  Easily bolts on to any recreational vehicle lift table. Comes in four different colors; Black, Red, Gray, and Yellow. Har..
  • Titan Motorcycle Roller Wheel Stand - RS-500
    Titan Motorcycle Roller Wheel Stand Wheel stand comes equipped with a pair of rollers and low profile ramp that makes for easy loading and unloading of motorcycles and recreational vehicles so you can turn the front or back tires without having to lift the bike off the ground. Rolls on sealed ..
  • Titan Multi Purpose 1500 lb. Hydraulic Jack - MPJ-1500
    Titan Multi Purpose Hydraulic Jack Jack can be lowered to 2-7/8" which fits under most lower bikes where other jacks can't. 1,500 lbs. Lifting capacity with it's heavy duty hydraulic pump. Equipped with locking steel swivel casters allowing for great mobility and durability. Also comes with dr..
  • Titan Red Air/Hydraulic Pump 1500 lb. - HDML-PUMP-RD
    Titan Lifts® Red Air/Hydraulic Pump If you do not have a hydraulic pump this is the same pump that comes standard with the HDML-1500XLT Motorcycle / ATV Lift. Dual function alows you to pump with the foot pedal or connect it to an air line for faster raising and lowering (air compressor not in..
  • Titan Tool Tray for HDML Series - 1015E-HDML-59
    Titan Tool Tray for HDML Series Lifts Black tool tray made to fit on both the HDML-1500XLT & HDML-1500XLT-E model motorcycle/ATV lifts that have pre-cut slots in the side of the lift. With 4 placement options around the lift, this tool tray provides a convenient spot for your tools while y..
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