Car Caster Plates 12"W w/ Wheels (Set of 4) - AT-12CARCASTER-PLATE

Car Caster Plates 12"W w/ Wheels (Set of 4) - AT-12CARCASTER-PLATE

Brand: Dutro
7 - 10 Days

AutoTwirler® Car Caster Plates 12"W Set of 4 w/ Wheels

We've all seen car casters, or tire skates, sold by many retail stores or mail order catalog companies. Invariably, we hear how customers have bought those and they cannot move their car after they put the wieght of the car on those casters. That's unfortunate when you can get a good set from the beginning.

The casters are unique and out-perform competitor's units. We use a precision CNC laser and forming equiment in our ship. They are 1/4" thick steel plate. Notice there is no need for a bar, or gusset, on the sides to keep it from flexing. If your tire hangs off a little, it will not dig into that bar because it simply is not there. You can get the plates in 8" wide or 12" wide. They are formed to fit the profile of the tire and not let the tire roll off when moving.

We sell them in sets of four. Each caster is rated at 1.500 lbs. for a total, equally weighted 6,000 lb. load. We have a 3.5" diameter roller bearing caster. The casters are non-marking polyolefin material. Hard enough to not dead spot over the winter. 

Made in USA

1 Year factory warranty.

Brand AutoTwirler

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