Fold and Tilt Engine Stand - M998088

Fold and Tilt Engine Stand - M998088

Brand: Merrick Machine
Product Code: MMCM998088
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Merrick MachineĀ® Fold and Tilt Engine Stand

We wanted an engine stand that would do two things; Fold-up into a small, easily transportable unit AND tilt-up to make many engine rebuilding and painting operations easier. A logical desire, except for one thing: Nobody made one. So Merrick Machine made one for us. It worked so well, and offered so many advantages that when a racing friend saw it, he had to have one. 

The Fold-up Engine Stand is a tremendous improvement over traditional engine stands in two important ways:

1. It tips-up to make post-crankshaft installation operations much easier. Installing the pistons and connecting rods and engine painting are just a few of the operations that you will find become so much easier in the tip-up position.

2. When not in use, it folds-up to save you valuable floor space in your shop or garage. Two of the support legs fold up against the third leg with casters still in contact with the ground for easy rolling. Then fold the support stalk down and the entire engine stand can be hung on a wall, or leaned up against a wall out of your way.

  • Folds-up for space-saving storage and portability
  • Can hold the engine: vertically, horizontally, & at a 45-degree angle
  • Heavy duty, easy rolling casters

Brand Merrick Machine
Model No. M998088
Dimensions Folded down dimensions: 14" x 40" x 18"
Height 40"
Weight 125 lbs.

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